Terms and Conditions for comments

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  1. "The website" means the woofhong.com website, or any other website controlled by us reproducing material from the woofhong.com website.
  2. "We" means the webmaster or other persons maintaining the website.
  3. "You" means the person or persons submitting comments to the website.
  4. "Material" means any text or other content submitted by you as comments to the website.

Terms and conditions for comments on the woofhong.com site:

  1. You confirm that you are the author of the material submitted for publication.
  2. You confirm that you have the right to submit the material for publication, and that there is no violation of copyright, trademark, or intellectual property. You confirm that there is nothing illegal, defamatory, or otherwise actionable in the material. You accept responsibility for ensuring that these conditions are met.
  3. You will retain the right to reproduce your material. However, material submitted will be published on the website under a Creative Commons licence, or placed in the public domain, at the discretion of the website. You agree to irrevocably transfer all rights for this purpose.
  4. You may submit anonymously, or may give an email address. If you give an email address, you confirm that it is an address you have the right to use.
  5. We reserve the right to edit comments, without substantially altering the sense. We will not do this without your agreement, unless you did not give an email or cannot be contacted.
  6. You must not impersonate another person, or misrepresent an affiliation with any organization.
  7. Comments must not promote violence, or encourage activity endangering the safety or well-being of readers.
  8. Comments must be respectful of others, and of other cultures and beliefs. Comments must not promote racism or other forms of hatred or ill-will. Comments should not include offensive language. We will not display offensive comments.
  9. Comments must not contain computer viruses or other software intended to disrupt any computer or promote nefarious purposes.
  10. Comments should be relevant to the website, and to the page being commented on. We will take a broad view of relevance but will exclude unrelated advertising.
  11. Comments may include relevant web links, provided that the linked material is openly available to all (i.e. not behind paywall, requiring registration, etc.) We will take a broad view of relevance but will exclude unrelated advertising. (This means that you may not link to an unrelated advertisement, though relevant pages including other advertising are permissible.) In the case of linking to relevant advertising we reserve discretion as to whether to display such links. The linked content must be legal and should not seriously violate the terms of what is acceptable for comment on this website. Links may be disallowed on the basis of the general nature and policy of the linked site, as well as the on the basis of the specific linked page.
  12. Comments will be displayed at our discretion. We do not guarantee to display any comment, or to maintain any record of comments.
  13. We reserve the right to delete comments at any time at our discretion, and do not undertake to keep any record of a deleted comment or of the fact of its deletion.
  14. We do not guarantee to monitor, revise, edit, or delete comments. However if you give an email address we will be able to consider requests from you to revise, edit, or delete your comments.
  15. We reserve the right to revise these Terms and Conditions at any time.

Statement of policy:

  1. Email addresses will not be displayed on the page, and will not be disclosed unless legally required.
  2. We will delete email addresses after a certain period.
  3. The comments address should be used only for comments intended for display. Correspondence on anything else, including complaints about comments, interpretation of the terms, etc., should be sent to the general contact address.